2017 Trends and Tips: Allister Frost

By: | 17 Jan 2017

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Allister Frost is one of the world’s foremost experts on digital content strategy and the psychology of inbound marketing. While Head of Digital Marketing Strategy at Microsoft he gave fresh impetus to B2C and B2B brands including Xbox, Outlook and Office by making them more accessible customers through real-time communication channels.

In his current capacity as founder of Wild Orange Media he consults the world’s biggest and best brands, and was voted UK Digital Marketing Personality of the Year for his groundbreaking thought leadership in digital. He is a specialist in emerging and future online marketing techniques.

We asked Allister the top three things he would advise marketers to do in 2017:

Get Serious about Persona Marketing
Every customer-facing team member, within marketing and beyond, should feel like they know the company’s target customers personally, so they can better serve their needs in 2017.

To help instil a deep-rooted sense of customer-understanding across the organisation, work with a specialist market research provider to develop detailed customer personas so you can move beyond those bland demographic or job title labels.

Only companies that know their customers well will be able to take full advantage of the rich, precision targeting opportunities that will open up in the year ahead.

Sweat Your Content Assets
The best place to start building better content is by digging out and improving the most
successful content you’ve already created. So give your best content a new lease of life by revamping it and republishing to ever more precise audiences. Or, repurpose some of your best content to extend its reach to new audiences or to support your shifting business goals

It’s time to stop reinventing the wheel: if something worked well in the past, a smart marketer will know how to make it work again in the future.

Measure What Matters
Does your digital KPI scorecard leave you bamboozled and perplexed? If so, maybe you’re placing too much measurement focus on low level proxy metrics and not enough on the big prize of the primary metric(s) that measures your progress towards your high level goal(s).

Digital marketing gives us dizzying opportunities to measure multiple touchpoints but when ‘paralysis by analysis’ sets in it might be time to step backwards and focus on the bigger picture: what are we actually trying to achieve here, and how best can we measure that one thing?

As well as leading our Content Masterclass and Accelerator courses, Allister works closely with Marketing Leaders to build bespoke in-house and online training for our clients. Email us if you’d like to find out more.