2017 Trends and Tips: Ian Golding

By: | 30 Jan 2017

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A highly influential customer experience expert, Ian advises leading companies on customer experience strategy, measurement, improvement and employee advocacy techniques and solutions. He has spent the last twenty years working across multiple industries in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Far East and has one of the
most prominent Customer Experience blogs in the world.

For 17 years, Ian has driven Customer Experience improvement as a practitioner within businesses such as GE and for 7 years as Head of Group Customer Experience at Shop Direct, a $3 billion online retailer. Being one of the first to deploy a transformational customer experience programme in Europe, Ian has been able to work with a number of organisations across industry to both create and implement customer experience strategy and measurement, including Pfizer, BT, Old Mutual and Cisco.

We asked Ian for his top tips for 2017:

Break down organisational silos

The biggest single issue preventing people within businesses from working together to collectively deliver the customer journey.

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Education, education, education

There are still too many people within the world of business who do not understand what Customer Experience is and what it takes to become Customer Centric

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Complete the organisational jigsaw puzzle

Too many companies have a number of pieces of the jigsaw required to become customer centric, but are failing to piece them together

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As well as leading our Customer Experience Masterclass and Accelerator courses, Ian works closely with Marketing Leaders to build bespoke in-house and online training for our clients. Email us if you’d like to find out more.