2017 Trends and Tips: Shawn O’Neal

By: | 31 Jan 2017

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Shawn is Founder and CEO of SO Analytics, consulting and investigating Analytics and the People Information Economy. Previously, he was VP Global Marketing Data and Analytics at Unilever, where he helped build the company’s global data and analytics capability.

We asked Shawn what three things Marketing Leaders should do in 2017:

1. Start every project with the end user in mind and work backwards.
Business need –> Insights required –> Analysis to perform –> Data required.

2. The future of Data and Analytics is modular. Be wary of big systems that solve everything with big price tags.

Advancements are moving so fast right now that any multi-functional system will be only be half as good as the comparative specialists in the market after 1-2 years. Build small, change often and partner with the best at all times just to keep up with the he rest.

3. To acquire data and analytics talent, you must rethink the jobs and tenures in role to match the ambitions of the talent.

You won’t be able to keep them forever so don’t plan on it. Build recruitment and replacement as a core competency so that you will be encouraging most of the hires from two years ago to move up or move on to something else that will harness their horsepower.

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