6 things that B2B companies can learn from successful Super Bowl campaigns

By: | 03 Feb 2017

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With Super Bowl just around the corner, it’s the time of the year where many businesses launch their new campaigns and commercials, boosting their consumer engagement and spreading their brand awareness. But the question remains: what makes these campaigns so successful, and what lessons can B2B brands take away from them? Let’s find out…

1. Audi: Commander (2016)
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This simple but nostalgic advert used a story that we could all relate to in one way or another. It takes the viewer on a journey as a former astronaut, who had lost his passion for life, drove the Audi R8.

Lessons learned: Passion is often underestimated in B2B marketing.  With 88% of people not being passionate about their jobs, can your product help them?

2. Mini: Defy labels (2016)
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This campaign shares a strong message and shows strong self-awareness by Mini about the stereotypes associated with their cars. It encourages their customers to defy labels and define themselves.

Lessons learned: Challenge how your customers define you, and help them define themselves.

3. Oreo: Dunk in the dark (2013)

During the blackout in the Super Bowl in 2013, Oreo thought very quickly on their feet and created their campaign around the blackout – ‘Power out? No problem’

Lessons learned: Inflexible social media and content policies lead to a reluctance to create ‘current’ content. Standard approval processes are one thing, but have a ‘fast track’ plan in place for those moments you have to seize.

4. Colgate: Every drop counts (2016)
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Colgate created their ‘Every drop counts’ advert to showcase their product whilst raising awareness for important issues such as water wastage, encouraging the viewer to pledge online.

Lessons learned: You don’t always have to talk about your organisation or product to get noticed. Showcase your CSR programs and encourage B2B customers to buy into your brand.

5. Intel: Experience amazing, (2016) 

In this campaign, Intel launched their collaboration with the Grammy’s and showcased the role of music in technology, highlighting how its technology is powering everything from music to cars.

Lessons learned: B2B doesn’t have to be impersonal. Tap into current trends and culture to tie your brand into something that your customers are passionate about.

6. AXE: Find your magic (2016)
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Axe encouraged people to look beyond typical stereotypes and celebrate their individuality.

Lessons learned: Position your customer as the hero and tell their stories, rather than your own.