Case Study: Improved Content Marketing at HP

By: | 20 Apr 2017

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Francois  Martin is the Global Marketing Lead for Graphic Solutions at HP. He started out in the printing and computing industry in 1985, as a sales rep for HP. He is now Worldwide Marketing Director for HP’s Graphic Solutions Business, a B2B role overseeing all inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. Progressing within an industry has great advantages. Francois explains, “I have the passion for printing. I understand how the technology works, I understand what customers do with it. That helps me build meaningful campaigns.”

Francois and his team had been producing content for some time before he attended our Content 2.0 course, but they had difficulty making an impact:

“My reason for attending the class was to discover what was new, what the industry standards were. I started my career some years ago and marketing has evolved over the years. I have learned by ‘doing’, so I wanted to compare our efforts with others in the industry.”

Francois found the variety of industries represented at the course particularly useful: “We were all pretty much in agreement about the concept of content management and how to do a better job. We were mostly facing the same challenges, but because we were from very distinct industries the solution was not necessarily the same. I was a little surprised by some companies activating customer touch points that I was not thinking about.”

What does Francois see as the biggest challenge in producing content?

“The biggest challenge is to accept that telling your story properly across multiple channels takes a lot of time. Don’t tell too many stories, devise very well the one you want to tell and then spend time packaging it correctly. Only when that is done should you start with another story.”

We asked Francois what influences him the most: “Customer relevance. If it is related to customer problems then it’s relevant.”

Francois explains that only a few months on from the Content 2.0 course, his team are already feeling the benefit of more relevant communication with the customer.

“I take a pragmatic approach to tracking; you cannot track everything but you can track relative progress.”

The team had begun work on a product launch when Francois attended the course, which they were then able to fine tune making it their most successful launch to date.

“For that product, the amount of page views we have reached is incredible. Much more than what I was expecting… These are £20,000 – £70,000 machines, not for everybody to buy, but they are getting a lot of traction. The main reason is that the messaging has been crystal clear. I was pushing my team, telling them that this is the time to implement the learning of the class.”

Francois is looking forward to seeing the results of the next campaign:

“It is the first campaign created entirely based on what I learned on the course. We have created very funny, cool, videos for This is the first time that we have something really funny, because I wanted to leverage social media. It’s only 90 seconds, not 3 minutes like in the past, and it’s a video I believe will talk to the customers that we want to talk to.”

We asked Francois what advice he’d give to others working with content:

“The theory is simple but to make it right takes time, so don’t underestimate the complexity in successfully deploying content management… Whatever you want to say, it will take time to do it right.”

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