Case Study: Improved Content Marketing at NXP Semiconductors

By: | 23 May 2016


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Laurent Dardé has been at NXP Semiconductors (NXP) for four years, as Marketing Director for their Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. NFC technology is used for contactless payment, Apple Pay and London’s Oyster Cards.

Laurent explained that before the course, he was relying on ‘gut feel’ when planning their content strategy; irregularly updating a blog with both their own content and that of their partners: “Especially small start-ups using NFC in cool or different ways – we promoted them and they helped us promote our technology.”

Laurent attended the Content 2.0 course looking for inspiration, and to learn about best practice: “The content course caught my eye because I thought it would be useful to understand what I can do and how I can do it better.”

“I’ve been to at least two Marketing Leaders courses in the past and I came back because of the quality of the course, the quality of the speakers, and quality of the audience – and it’s pretty cool to get outside inspiration”

Laurent explained that he really benefited from the mix of attendees: “I really liked the scope and the insight from different industries; we were able to share a lot… I can remember that one person was from HP, a really high level manager, so he wanted to see if there were any new techniques that would be good for his team. Like me, there were also a couple of other people who were also just starting in that direction, trying to see what we can actually do. It was a mixture in terms of different stages but it brought quality to the course. If everyone was at the same level, it wouldn’t be boring but the learning would be different.”

The biggest takeaway for Laurent was strategic thinking: “Knowing exactly what to post, where to post, and how often to post… since the training, we put an expiration date on content.”

“When I got back to NXP, I wrote a summary on the training content for my team and I defined a list of things for them to look into, such as analysis of when to post, when our content is read – a complete check of our social media capabilities.”

“We then got together to think about strategy – we now use a six month plan for our content and media. We carried out some analysis on our communication and the defined what we had to change. That ended by hiring another person to do something more professional.”

“Being out of the office for two days and having time to think was helpful, and the fact that you’re not doing it on your own was really good. Connecting with other people was great, and the way the course was structured was really useful; I took it slide by slide and applied it to my organisation where possible.”

Laurent hired a Marcom Manager, who organises regular interviews with journalists and works closely with partners. Laurent was able to justify a new hire on the basis that NXP are bigger than their customers, and he believed strongly that they could (and should) help them tell their stories: “Through our distributors, we cover several thousand customers and we cannot go directly to each one.”

Laurent’s team are using multimedia content, infographics and videos as well as written blogs, using a number of KPIs to track progress; site visits, lead generation, and clippings.  “We were creating content but the distribution of the content was quite limited.  We made it a lot more professional after the course… Now, the NFC website is the most visited within NXP.”

“We are now seen as a best practice example within the company and it has been easier for us to get new resources, opening up the scope of what we can do.”

As always, we finish by asking Laurent what advice he would offer to someone in his situation:

“I would tell them to go to a Marketing Leaders course and pay attention! Apart from that, I would advise them that they should not underestimate digital marketing… it is extremely difficult, moving really fast, and it’s something that you just won’t learn on a traditional marketing course.”

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