Rundown: Online Buyer Persona Tools

By: | 04 Apr 2016


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Buyer personas are a fundamental part of understanding who your customer is and how best to target them, whether planning a customer experience plan or a content marketing strategy.

There are many online tools available to to help you create buyer personas; here are our favourites:


A free online toolbox which allows you to create your own buyer personas using easily-customisable templates with a drag and drop tool and inline editing. Xtensio also features other tools such as competitor analysis, lean canvas and content strategy. Xtensio is one of the most customisable tools for creating buyer personas.


Developed by B2B Marketing Specialist Ardath Albee, Up, Close and Persona lets you create your buyer personas using a series of questions, making it one of the most simple-to-use tools available.


Highly collaborative, this tool has been specially designed so that buyer personas can be created and shared easily with other stakeholders in your organisation. Userforge is beautifully designed and completely free.


Powered by Hubspot, it creates a customer for you using a series of questions and information you input directly. One of the most popular tools for generating user personas for content marketing, Make My Persona is recommended by the Digital Marketing Institute.


A paid-for service, Tandem Seven can be used for creating complex buyer personas, journey maps and other useful marketing tools, all on one platform. Tandem Seven has 3 pricing plans available, from Starter, Professional and Enterprise, depending on the requirements and nature of your organisation.


Another paid-for service, Smart Insights is an extensive persona creation tool kit that offers numerous options for mapping your buyer persona, including customer journey mapping, XY characteristic mapping and content gap analysis. Smart Insights also offers 3 pricing plans, and registration gives you access to tool kits, eBooks, Marketing Templates, How-To videos and much more.